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Misery Bear: Sport Relief

Misery Bear’s Night Out


On 18th Nov, 2012, I made a short film for BBC1’s Children in Need about how their mascot, Pudsey, got his bandana. It co-starred Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who I think is very pretty.

How Pudsey Got His Bandana


My debut book - The Guide to Love & Heartbreak - is released in Germany in December 2012, so I made a short film about my trip to Germany to promote it. German people can click HERE to find out more.

Misery Bear Goes To Germany

Hello, I’m Misery Bear and I made my own website.
I also act in short films about my terrible life. I’m lonely, bored, depressed, borderline-alcoholic, fluffy and desperately in need of love. Please help.


My short film about my average Saturday night on the town seemed to strike a chord with lots of people. Wonder why?


In March of 2012, I made a short film for BBC1’s Sport Relief, which co-starred Olympic Gold Medal-winner Mo Farah plus another very special guest.


I kicked off 2012 with a new short film. And this one (which is very scary indeed) features me battling a killer robot teddy (who was a pain in the bum to film with).

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